About Team

Anant Shrivastava

Anant Shrivastava is an information security professional with 12+ yrs of corporate experience with expertise in Network, Mobile, Application and Linux Security. Anant leads Open Source projects Android Tamer and CodeVigilant . He also maintains the Hacking Archives Portal of India . In his free time he likes to participate in open communities targeted towards spreading information security knowledge such as null (null.community). His work can be found at anantshri.info. He is the Technical Director for NotSoSecure Global Services. During his career has been a speaker and a trainer at various international conferences (Black Hat -USA, ASIA, EU, Nullcon, c0c0n and many more).

Prajal Kulkarni

Prajal Kulkarni is a Security Researcher and also an active member of Null Security Community with 3.5 years of experience. His areas of interest includes Web and mobile application security. He also writes a security blog @www.prajalkulkarni.com. In the past he has disclosed several vulnerabilities in core components of GLPI, BugGenie, Owncloud etc.

Shreya Pohekar

Shreya Pohekar is a Security Researcher and Developer. She leads Null Bhopal and Infosecgirls bhopal chapter. She’s an active speaker in various infosec communities like Null, OWASP, Infosecgirls. She writes technical blogs at shreyapohekar.com. She has experience working in mobile and web dev, web security and linux administration. She is RHCSA Certified and holds pro-hacker badge on hackthebox.

Syed Sheeraz Ali

Sheeraz is Security Researcher and Developer. He leads Null Bhopal he also spoke at null and contributed to other Communities like owasp. He is Security Content Engineer at Hack the box and writes Explanations and writeups at sheerazali.com. He has experience working in Linux and web dev, web security, active Directory,linux administration, windows administration. He likes to automate things and his scripts to automate a lot of Trivial tasks can be found on his github.com/pwnmeow. He holds OSCP and many other training certifications. Major areas of intrest are Red and Blue team.