wp-plugin : garees-flickr-feed

Plugin Details
Plugin Name: wp-plugin : garees-flickr-feed
Effected Version : 0.8 (and most probably lower version's if any)
Vulnerability : Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
Identified by : anantshri
WPScan Reference URL

Technical Details
Minimum Level of Access Required : Unauthenticated
PoC - (Proof of Concept) :


Vulnerable Parameter : group, place, user


Type of XSS : Reflected

Disclosure Timeline
Vendor Contacted : 2014-01-05
Plugin Status : Updated on
Public Disclosure : July 7, 2014
CVE Number :
Plugin Description :
[| *Garee's Flickr Feed* is a highly customizable Wordpress-plugin that integrates pictures from flickr on your blog. The output is generated from template-files or your own templates, which you can write with Mustache. For more information check out the official [plugin-site](http://www.garee.ch/wordpress/garees-flickr-feed/) Main-advantages: * Flickr-requests are cached * CSS only included if shortcode found on page * highly customizable with Mustache-templates</li> Just insert the shortcode anywhere on your blog: `[flickr_feed]` Use shortcode-options to further customize which content and how they should be displayed. Check out the examples on the [live-demo](http://www.garee.ch/wordpress/garees-flickr-feed/live-demo/) ]