wp-plugin : wikipop – A3-Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)


Plugin Details


Plugin Name : wikipop


Effected Version : 2.0 (and most probably lower version's if any)

Vulnerability : A3-Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
Identified by : Anant Shrivastava



Technical Details


Minimum Level of Access Required : Unauthenticated


PoC - (Proof of Concept) :



// &   Vulnerable Parameter : s


Disclosure Timeline


Vendor Contacted : 2014-01-17

Plugin Status : Closed
Public Disclosure : June 12, 2014
CVE Number : CVE-2014-4575

Plugin Description :
Wikipop is a WordPress plugin born from the desire to make witty references to obscure subjects in my blog posts - ones that might require a Wikipedia link to make any sense - without totally interrupting the flow of the post. The plugin adds a button to the WordPress visual editor that lets you create a link to Wikipedia from any text. Rather than leaving your site or opening the article in a new window, the link opens in a transient window on the same page. Basically it's like the difference between reading a footnote and an endnote.
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To learn more, visit http://www.matthewhealy.net/wikipop-for-wordpress
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Uses FancyZoom for jQuery by Steve Smith at http://orderedlist.com/

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